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Posted by myjigs on June 7, 2008

photo by Heather RousseauGreg Paints on a sunny morning in Aspen.  The weather was perfect and the people were friendly as always in this little mountain town.  Heather Rousseau took this picture of the local paper and published it the next day.

Aspen is a very friendly place for dogs as well as for people, and our little dog Jigs was welcome in many restaurants and was successfully snuck into the rest.  He can “lay low” in his little bag when necessary and has even been smuggled onto airplanes to save fare.  That is no longer necessary as he now has official “service dog” status (see his website:


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Posted by myjigs on June 5, 2008

Greg, Wanda and Jigs all had a wonderful three weeks in Panama, staying in the homes of Bruce Young and his lovely wife, Giselle.  No, this is not Giselle and Bruce in the picture.  This is Bruce and Jane Mansfield; taken some years back when Bruce was in Vietnam with the U.S. Navy.  Giselle is every bit as lovely, and Bruce is still smiling these days.  Our artist’s family made visits to several parts of Panama including Giselle’s marvelous penthouse apartment overlooking Panama City, the Pacific Ocean and the entrance to the canal.  From there, they went to Playa Blanco on the Pacific, a few hours drive, then they flew to Boquete.  This is a wonderful village up in the mountains near the border of Costa Rica.  Boquete is a paradise known for bananas and coffee.  Life is very relaxed for the three main populations: the local “Indians” who live very simply outside of the villages; the Spanish, who tend to be a little more mechanized and “20th century”; and the Gringo retirees who seem to prefer gated communities recreating their U.S. and European neighborhoods.  Everyone gets along very well and there is very little crime.  The cost of living is extremely low and fresh, good food is plentiful.  Excellent South American wine can be had for prices that seem ridiculously low compared to the rest of the world.  The climate is perfect all year-round and the wildlife and the birds are spectacular.  There are some old hippies and even VW vans which they probably drove down from California years ago.  The road ends in Panama as it is separated from Columbia by a massive, impenetrable jungle that forms a natural border.  You must fly or take a boat if you wish to travel further South.  

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